Construction has always been the most dominant driver of any country’s economy and is global in its reach, interfacing with almost every walk of life from households to offshore to space. It is said that “truth in science is what is empirically provable on the ground, and truth in philosophy is what one defines it to be”. The firm’s construction law practice has been founded and continues to be led by Atty. Jesusito G. Morallos, a renowned and seasoned construction law practitioner, international arbitrator, and lawyer-engineer. His decades of expertise are shared with the firm’s members – forging a close relationship between legal philosophy and engineering science – for the purpose of understanding every client’s need, from doing construction business, to business modeling, to contracting (allocating and managing risks), to enforcement and appropriate dispute resolution.

The firm’s clients include the biggest construction companies in the country and those in employer-industries like property development, power plants, mining, road and other infrastructures, water and other utilities, etc.  Furthermore, the firm’s construction practice entails interfacing with disciplines like engineering, architecture, quantity surveying, project management, development planning, and the like.

The firm takes pride in the fact that it has handled construction cases which have become an invaluable part of Philippine jurisprudence.

The firm, led by Atty. Morallos, has established itself as an institution in the Philippine construction industry, having assisted the Government, industry organizations and professional associations in shaping policies, drafting general conditions of contract and similar instruments useful to the construction industry, and providing continuing education.


Contract-drafting and/or review

Legal and technical risk analysis of contract provision

PCAB Licensing

Construction Project Finance and Structuring

Consultancy services in relation to construction dispute matters

Construction arbitration Litigation

Other modes of dispute resolution

Legal advisory on client’s specific concerns

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