The labor law practice of the Firm covers a full range of services for compliance with labor standards and regulatory requirements and the maintenance of positive labor relations between employers and employees. The Firm assists clients in the handling of the complexities of labor-related concerns from the time of hiring the employees and the drafting of employment contracts, to the termination of employment through retrenchment, dismissal, or retirement plans.

The labor law practice group is composed of experienced lawyers who have extensive practice in Human Resource (HR) consultancy work and the handling of labor disputes through mediation, arbitration, and litigation before quasi-judicial bodies and appellate courts.

This practice area is headed by Atty. Rachel P. Follosco.


HR consultation;

Planning, reviewing, and drafting of employment-related contracts;

Preparation of HR policies and manuals;

Review of company rules and regulations;

Review of compensation and benefits packages;

Negotiation and participation in mediation and arbitration proceedings; and

Litigation before quasi-judicial agencies and appellate courts