Paralegal Services

FMH, through its highly competent and efficient paralegal staff, provides a wide range of paralegal services at very reasonable rates. FMH's team of paralegals work under the supervision of professionally qualified and experienced lawyers thereby ensuring high quality paralegal service and accurate outputs.

Corporate Paralegal Services

  • Processing of:
    • Corporate registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") (Express Lane Form, FMH Format)
    • Registration of Representative Office or Branch Office with the SEC
    • Amendments of Articles of Incorporation/By-Laws drafted/prepared by FMH lawyers (basic amendments, capital structure)
    • Renewal of Mayor's Permit
    • Certificate of Good Standing with the SEC
  • Post registration services (complete post registration services, compliance with BIR requirements, local government requirements, SSS/Philhealth/HDMF requirements, printing of Official Receipts)
  • Printing/Issuance of stock certificates
  • Filing of Financial Statements
  • Filing/preparation of General Information Sheets
  • Preparation/filing of Notice of Temporary Cessation of Business
  • Preparation /issuance of Minutes of special/regular meeting of the board of directors, Minutes of special/annual meeting of shareholders, Secretary's Certificate, Deed of Assignment of Shares, Declaration of Trust, Resignation Letters of Corporate Officers/Directors

Tax Paralegal Services

  • Tax – Related Matters
    • Processing of requests for BIR ruling prepared by FMH lawyer/s
    • Processing of Certificate Authorizing Registration (CAR) of shares of stock/real property)
    • Estate Tax Processing
    • Local Business Tax Assessment
    • Filing of Notice of Tax Exemption
    • Processing of Securing of Community Tax Certificate, Tax Identification Number
    • Preparation/Filing of BIR Tax Return (No Tax Due, with tax computation)
    • Processing of transfer of registration

Immigration Paralegal Services

We are also able to assist in the processing of various types of visas and permits for aliens with the following offices:

  • Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA)
    • 47a2 (Special Non-Immigrant Visa)
  • Bureau of Immigration (BI)
    • 9g (Pre-Arranged Employee-Commercial)
    • SWP (Special Working Permit)
    • ACR-I'CARD (Alien Certificate of Registration-Identification Card)
    • ECC-SRC (Exit Clearance Certificate- Return Certificate)
    • B.I. Clearance
    • Visa Extensions
  • Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE)
    • A.E.P. (Alien Employment Permit)
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